Dear User,

Herein users are allowed to :

1. SEARCH FOR IMAGES using the following criteria: satellite/sensor, data, municipality, path/row, region or by geografically sailing. The access to the Catalog is entirely free ; images download require user register.

2. REGISTER in User's database: this registration gives us the knowledge of the Catalog users technical profiles and their aplication areas of interest. User registration data will be exclusively used for statistics purposes and communication.

3.ACCESS the Catalog system and request images in their total resolution, free of charge.

4. DOWNLOAD IMAGES : If your Internet connection isn't sufficient to download images (Generally files from 40 to 50 Mb for each HRC band, from 12 to 20 Mb for each CCD band, 1.5 Mb for IRMSS and 8 Mb for WFI band) you can order images in CD media, with cost, contacting ATUS. If you need further information, please enter the site

5. DOWNLOAD FILES AND DOCUMENTS: Data files and documents (e.g. catalog's operation manual) are available on Files and Documents.

6. DOWNLOAD MARLIN: a tool oriented for displaying and handling digital images, available after login.

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Image of remote sensing by INPE - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharing by the same license 3.0 Unported License.