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Image Generation Division (DGI) is part of Earth Observation General Coordination (OBT), from National Institute for Space Research (INPE). The activities of DGI focus on receiving, recording, processing, storage and distribution of images and data from remote sensing, meteorological and scientific satellites.


According to Article 63 of the Ordinance MCT No. 897 of 03.12.2008, the Imaging Division is responsible for:

  • I - Process, store, and disseminate, on a operational way, satellites’ data and images of earth observation;
  • II – Maintain and improve the systems and equipments of data processing of Earth observation satellites;
  • III – establish relationship with satellites operators of Earth observation, publics or privates, guaranteeing the data availability of the country’s interest;
  • IV – guarantee the reception and generation of the satellite images of Earth observation of the Brazilian Spatial Program, establishing procedures to a wider dissemination of these images;
  • V – participate actively on the national industrial qualification, to the national industrial autonomy on reception and processing of remote sensing images;
  • VI – maintain updated and widely accessible to the national community, the Datacenter of Remote Sensing, which is compound of all remote sensing images receive by INPE; and
  • VII – act in other activities that were attributed to its area.